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We can be the change if we learn the NO

A couple decades ago, starting my professional life and going through months of job hunting I got into a temporary position. A large company, mainly male workers, blue and white collars. Industrial environment. Female workers were manager's assistant and secretaries.

I was there on a temp mission so I usually try to do my job the best I can. I'm not playing politics and really maintain a low profile. One of the managers was friendly, very friendly. Too friendly. Calling me home. I went to my manager's assistant and explained what was happening and said I needed to change position. She cried, didn't know how to react and what to do. Next morning she told me she went to her boss, the department manager. As a result I got to change building, change job description and got new boss.

But the situation had not been addressed, just wiped away, like some dirt on the table. I was then forced to quit the job, for an bad excuse reason. Because I was a temp, expendable. He was a manager, untouchable. No fuss made.

So you may say, what good did this bring? I told the truth, my truth. If it happened to me, it did definitely happen to others, and probably still did after. But it took me a while to heal. Why do women take the hard fall on this kind of situation. Why do we feel guilty? Of being nice, or friendly?

As I said a couple of decades but what happened then is still happening now. Who ever reports misconducts is facing retaliation risks. Although there are more women in charge of Human Resources department and still, the evolution is too slow. You would think they'd be more understanding... The mobbing also happens with female leaders. Sadly. It is not a sole male issue.

Companies talk and advertise their ethics and "great place to work". What happens behind closed doors? We usually hear about similar facts a couple of years later, when women come forward.

Confident and strong women are starting to come out of the closet and talk about it, complain about it and publicly declare "war".

But do we listen to the mainstream employees, who have to face these situations day in and day out. Go home to their family and dread to return to work. How do they raise the next generation of boys and girls? They are being sacrificed.

We need to say NO, enough. The shame is not on you ladies, it is on them. For silencing you. If you see something, if you hear something you need to come out.

It takes a lot of courage. It is a tough road but if we want to see a thorough change we need to act. Or at least to speak.

Remember we are influencing the life of the next generation with our behaviors, and our (in)actions.

If you have been experience this, please get in touch. Comment on this and say #letssayno.

I just posted a short video on the YouTube channel.

Feel free to post your video and reply on the channel. Let's get loud, louder.

Let's not be silenced.

PS Ask me and I think there should be a wall of shame for these retaliating companies and individuals! Actions have consequences, time to face them.

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