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Using Comic Books To Fight Sexism

Zainab Fasiki is a Moroccan illustrator and cartoonist particularly committed to the defense of women's rights. She is also the founder of the "Hshouma" project, an educational, free and participatory platform that aims to replace the lack of sex education, taboos at school and among family members.

The word "Hshouma" in the Maghreb dialect means "shame" or "that which is shameful", like a taboo that you cannot talk about with others, neither in family nor at school.

She created the Women Power collective which encourages Moroccan women artists through workshops.

For all her efforts, Zainab was honored by Amnesty International on the International Day of Women Human Rights Defenders on November 29, 2018, in Rabat, Morocco.

In October 2019 during her political cartoon training in the United States of America, she was named by TIME Magazine a Next Generation Leader for her cartoon guide Hshouma.

She is promoting peace, inviting all Moroccan communities to live with diversity and stop gender based hatred and violence. She quit her job as a mechanical engineer to become an "artivist", shocking her family and community. She said NO.... in her own way.

But now they understand the message she is promoting and know how important it is for the future of women and girls in their country.

#letssayno to violence made to women

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