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Confidently wearing your unique shape

Enough with the self-criticism

The annual countdown to bikini season has started, even if some of us will only get a tan on the balcony... Be confident enough to say NO to (any and all) diet pressure and YES to loving your unique shape. No more self-criticism and self punishment. We all have unique shapes. Let's be ourselves!

It's this time of the year when models will drop their heavy duty clothes and parade around in kind of "so called perfect skinny bodies" and magazines will have you start a guilt and self-punishing trip to the "better you", a "3.0 version of you".

Improving your overall relationship with your body

I'm sorry to bring it to you ladies but these magic diets, miracle food and relief creams or plastic wrappings won't work. I do salute the efforts you will put in starting a complete new healthy lifestyle, throwing out fatty meals and snacks from your kitchen, drinking industrial "green tea drink" or "zero calories vitamin" water in a reusable bottle.

Numbers are just numbers

Stop focusing on your morning routine stepping on your scale. Weight loss doesn't equal lasting happiness! On top of this, your weight can also fluctuate daily.... Instead start your day with drinking a glass of water (not cold and no ice) with a lemon slice and do some breathing exercises (3 minutes will do). Your body is not your enemy. Treat it with respect and love it for it will carry you for your entire life.

Begin a mindfulness practice

According to Dr Athira Shiji from the Pranavam Clinic in Trivandrum (India), there is a direct impact from the food on the brain. Our brain functions best when we eat a nutritious and balanced diet. When you reduce drastically your food intake, you can influence negatively your brain capacities. Not really the effect you're looking for, right?

Check out Dr Athira Shiji video on how to keep your brain happy and influence your health overall.

Feeling like starting a new routine? Here are a few easy steps:

- daily fruits and vegetable.

-‍ eat a healthy breakfast (even if you do not like breakfast, check it out)

- Drink a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon, every morning

-‍ Remember, proper sleeping habits help maintain a healthy weight.

(And if you can, try to schedule screenings and doctor's appointments.)

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