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There is nothing between you and your dreams

It takes strength, willpower and a real belief in oneself. But it really start with you. Do you know your passion? Really? What is it that you want more than anything else? Because this is the real driver.

The story of Diana Trujillo (current title is "Mars 2020 deputy surface phase lead") is the one of a tenacious woman, born and raised in Cali, Colombia to a single mother. She immigrated at 17y.o. to the USA, with 300$, not speaking English but dreaming of the stars.

She took any job she could get, working nights, housekeeping, cleaning bathrooms, to put herself through community college. Her perseverance and faith in her destiny led her to go from cleaning lady to Director for NASA.

"I saw everything coming my way as an opportunity," Diana Trujillo
Diana Trujillo: We matter!

Overcoming gender and cultural bias, putting all her energy in realizing her dreams, she is now one of the few Hispanics working on the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Hispanics hold only 8% of the STEM workforce — of which Hispanic women only comprise 2%.

Her advice to any young girl wishing to follow her steps:

“Sit down in an isolated area in your house and think about what you really like. Don’t second guess it. Believe in yourself." - Diana Trujillo

Watch her presentation at the 2019 #MAKERSConference​ at Monarch Beach Resort USA). A journey feeling as a "bad ass warrior and a princess" and exceeding her family's expectation.

Her story was turned into a children's science book. “Mars Science Lab Engineer Diana Trujillo” by Kari Cornell, celebrates her achievements and introduces kids interested in STEM subjects to NASA, inspiring them to follow their dreams.

More inspiring stories of the women behind the NASA Mars Rover Perseverance team. It is more real then ever, the sky is not the limit!

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