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Say NO to online harassment

With the pandemic, many had to switch to online meetings, calls and trainings. So we basically transferred our work environment into our private home. We also "invited" work misconducts and sexual harassment in our "home sweet home". Not by choice!

Women are paying such a high price and still trying to put a brave smile on their faces. But the reality shows that there is more home and private violent acts, people unlashing and letting steam off at the expense of women's lives. As this was not enough, women are experiencing online harassment while working remotely. The trauma is even worse, there is no home invasion or break-in, it's happening right there. There are not witnesses no people standing by, listening. Doors are closed and it is an online fake "intimacy".

Women end up not knowing how to report what happened. They know it was awkward, to say the least, terrifying probably, disgusting and sickening. But who's going to believe them? And what if they face more retaliation. Who to believe? He says, she says.

Accepting that sexual harassment is a serious social problem, whether it occurs on or offline, should inspire the creation of a supportive, respectful environment where survivors will feel comfortable revealing inappropriate behavior, so it can be properly addressed.

I sent a mail to Zoom USA to get their stand point on this and maybe they will get back to me. I will of course let you know, ladies. Some companies have just made a lot of money with the pandemic, time to catch up.

For Skype online meetings, there is actually a recent recording possibility of your calls and online meetings, without notifying the other person. This is the link to a video on how to do this. At least you have some evidence for your file.

It does take courage to say NO, firmly, but this is your (only) way out. Make yourself heard loud and clear. Make them understand this is not ok and will not be tolerated. Especially if you are recording this!

Be very clear and straightforward, nice girls are out. We are professionals at work. Full stop.

If you cannot record it, remember to write down the date and the time of the event. Every time it happens. I used to call this my "shit file":)

No matter how high on the hierarchy ladder they are they know it is wrong. They assume you are weak and you can prove them wrong. Every time!

You can do this! #letssayno

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