Reduce stress and depression decluttering your home

Spring cleaning is not a myth... it's that time again when we want more space, more air, more clean spaces. Especially after months of lockdown and pandemic talks. But on top on helping reducing germs and allergens, a clean home can strengthen your immune system and help you avoid illnesses. You'll be able to breathe better, preventing respiratory issues and supporting a healthy immune system.

By sorting out your items, reorganizing your things and getting rid of the excess can refresh and liberate you mentally. Studies have found that a relaxing and clutter-free home has a positive effect on people’s daily mood and ability to focus.

So do yourself a favor, get rid of things that no longer serve you to make room for things that bring pleasure and joy. Keep only essentials on your bedside table to facilitate your sleep and relaxation.

As strange as it can sound, cleaning itself can be a way to de-stress. You can practice being mindful of the tasks you’re doing, promoting a positive attitude and clear mindset.

Cleaning is considered as physical exercise! Spring-cleaning can also motivate us to reset or try out a healthier lifestyle. Make space for what you are actually using and really needing, everything else can go. Loose the extra pounds:)

Improve your self-esteem by giving what is in excess, remember those less fortunate. Or sell and make some extra cash.

Doing this, you also reduce the risk of physical injury. No more stepping over piled up clothes, shoes or items. No more accidental falls. More than 1 in 4 adults over age 65 fall each year, leading to 3 million emergency room visits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source. Falls are the cause of injury-related death for this age group. Spring is a great time to make adjustments to your home, or an older parent’s home, to reduce the risk of falls.

And you do not need to put extra pressure on you thinking you need to do it all at once. For those who would see this as impossible or investing too much of valuable time, there is the "slow" approach. A couple of minutes at the time, 20 minutes if you can or less. Feel less than inspired? Look at "UNFUCK YOUR HABITAT - You're better than your mess". You may adhere to their concept.

In any case, you can improve your home and your life, at your own pace. The benefits are all yours.