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Not for the heart-fainted, The Hippie Life Brand Podcast is now LIVE

If you want to hear blunt and caustic, spontaneous and honest talks about what it really means to be a woman in these challenging time, navigating between mass anxiety, confusion and economic tsunami, trying to make sense of some of it, while maintaining some sanity, keeping the brain active and looking for new learning initiative, healthcare development and alternative ways of life, this is your Podcast.

Life is too short to keep on silencing ourselves, yes most of us don't have the luxury to speak openly about our needs, desires, discuss our future goals and objectives, expose our opinions and disagree in public, but there is a tidal wave growing.

Women are chameleons and they keep adapting, for survival most of times, changing their shapes and colors, because they can. They have an amazing capability of reinventing themselves, of raising from the grounds, when everyone thought they were "destroyed".

Life is not a long quiet river and we should all expect the unexpected. We are smarter than we think, we just keep on silencing our inner voices. Well The Hippie is now raising her voice and with no withholding, she will expose some disruptive topics.

You can listen this podcast here, or on Apple Podcast, Player FM, Amazon Music and Spotify.

You are welcome to join me on a podcast if you wish to raise your voice, if you want to discuss your point of view or expose a matter that is dear and important to you, so other women can be inspired. Reach out directly to me, I look forward to your contribution and to meet another courageous proud woman.

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