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Need an energy boost?

Spring is taking its toll and although nature seems to have it under control we do need more of everything. Time, coffee (or tea...), hours, sleep, money, energy, patience, love, etc...

There are some areas we may be able to contribute, from a distance. On the energy, for example. We got you covered !

I know a very special woman, Nathalie Pidoux, an exceptional solar person. She brightens the room with her positive energy. When I discussed this "Justbeyourself" women empowering project with her, she agreed right away to participate. She has been in the healing world for a long time, lived in many countries, and her approach is all about boosting your life energy.

Nathalie Pidoux - Work and Events Massage

She shared her video of Do-In self-massage with me and it will be on the Mind Myself Empowering You Tube channel. A 9 minutes bliss easy self-massage lesson, to start your day on a super positive note. It's a Japanese therapeutic technique of Self-Massage that has its origins in China: the Do In which allows, through simple pressure on the meridians of his body (acupressure), to gain energy.

This video covers neck and shoulder self-massage, if you would like to see her full course ONLINE, on how to practice DO- IN self-massage from head to toe, please contact her directly here. She will give you all the details on available dates and conditions.

Self-massage brings you back in balance, whatever you're experiencing. It increases circulation, stimulates organ function, helps your body detox and improves sleep and has an anti-ageing effect.

Overall, a fantastic health prevention tool!

I know you have the energy, the strength and the willpower to ensure a great day.

Rebooting your system, getting ready for whatever the day has in for you.

You are the medicine:)

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