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Overcoming masked communication

It's been more than a year now since we gave up happy hugging and wore red lipstick. We keep searching meaning and communication in the glimpse of an eye. So here are a couple of tips and tricks to improve your communication.

Smiling with a mask?

Time for the Smize

I remember those corporate trainings on "how to put a smile in your voice", now how do you put a smile in your eyes?

Even if you haven't yet come across the word smize, the concept it represents will be familiar to you. Smizing is also linked to the 1960s concept of a micro expression, a term popularized more recently by US psychologist Paul Ekman. A person can instinctively convey a warmth and positivity, contorting the muscles in and around their eyes.

When you 'smile with your eyes', you are smizing, and just like smiles, everyone's smize is different. The trick, it seems, is to be relaxed and recognize that smizing is more of a feeling than a facial expression.

To excel in this, have a look at Tyra's smize lesson and practice:)

It may be really useful to be more efficient when trying to communicate with a face mask.

How to read face expression

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

As more and more of us are wearing face masks, we have to know how to accurately spot emotions. Watch Vanessa van Edwards video, giving tips and quick tricks to reading others' eyebrows, eyelids, and upper cheeks to easily determine how someone is feeling.

The Science of People have just written a great piece of micro expressions, which could help us to read people's expression. These micro expressions are fear, surprise, sadness, happiness, anger, disgust and contempt. And they still work, even with the mask:) Take their quiz and check if you can read the eyes...

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