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Mother's Day, a one day guilt trip

Some countries are getting ready to celebrate their annual Mother's Day. Celebrations may include flowers, chocolates, perfumes, dinner vouchers, daytrips, drawings, and more, or less.

This year may be - again - different due to the pandemic, but shops are getting ready to sell, playing on your guilt, easing it. Give out some fancy bouquet this one day or have it deliver, and move on.

When you work in elderly homes, this is the day the family come to visit, quickly, all dressed up, giving out kiss on cheeks and moving on. They are not to be seen or heard the rest of the year.

Mother is one of the hardest job in the world, no one is prepared for this tsunami. There is a before and an after, you'll never be the same, your life as you knew it is gone. Each pregnancy is different, each child is different, so whatever story some other mother told you, don't think for a moment this will be yours.

You may hear about these wonderful moments of blissful happiness, but once your head is in the sand, you're not sure if day or night, your brain is foggy, your body still hurting, your mind has gone on a vacation, and yes you'd be the one who would really need a sanity break, you realized this is your new life.

For some it is a vocation, a call and for some it is really a dream come true. Great:) But for all others who are not really in the happy bubble, and are really fighting to get through each day, I feel for you. I wish I could tell you tomorrow will be better. I can only say it will be different.

I wish society would realize the sacrifice you did, providing earth with a new citizen, you are definitely not getting the recognition you deserve. And your children may just never do even say thank you for anything. Blaming and criticizing you for all that is going wrong or not the way they'd love it to. You're going to be the sole source for peace, happiness and joy in your home and you better be rock solid to hold the waves and keep the fort. But like a lighthouse, you will shine bright and feel lonely at time.

Try to remember you are the foundation, without you, none of this would exist.

Stay strong on your feet and when things get overwhelming, remember your safe space, your mental safe house and re-center there.

In some countries, mothers are celebrated every time one of their child has a birthday, they still call it "happy mother day", because this is the day you really became a mother.

Mothers do the best they can with what they have. They keep on going, improvise at time, pray and hope for the best,

So to all mothers of this earth, wishing you to find joy and happiness in your life, every time you can. You are in charge of your own life.

Your most valuable parenting skill is learning to manage yourself first. —Dr. Laura Markham

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