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March 8th, International Women Day

To all the women making this world go round

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

You may have chosen to join #ChooseToChallenge or one of your local event to celebrate all the women of this world.

Some of us may be on the more fortunate side but we must remember how the deep-seated historic, cultural, and socio-economic barriers are preventing women from taking their seat at the decision-making table to make sure that resources and power are more equitably distributed.

Across the world, women remain concentrated in the lowest paid jobs, many in extremely vulnerable forms of employment. Women are also nearly twice as likely than men to lose their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis.

Now more than ever women are taking the economical driving seat in their household and communities. They take on multiple jobs, assume multiple roles in and outside their home, take care of everybody else and sometimes loose sight of their own health, physical and metal, step aside from their career, sometimes with no hope of returning to the workforce, trying to find new ways to sustain their families and themselves.

I want to salute their strength, willpower and dignity.

We will soon add an "Women Life Aid Kit" section to this blog, with the latest on free online courses, list of remote work friendly companies, career reorienting, financial and organizational tips for running their home, and much more.

Check out our recent video dedicated to strong women and why we want to help women follow their dreams.

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