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How women can travel safer

Many of you may start travelling again, as lockdowns are lifting in some countries and you may have gotten vaccinated, which will ease some travel destination.

Please make sure to read about your destination health safety regulations update, they change weekly or even daily!

If you are travelling abroad, keep in mind a couple of things:

- your medication may not be available in the local drugstores or pharmacies

- some of your OTC medication is NOT available as an OTC in other countries

- do not forget your pills or sanitary items. Again in some countries you may not be able to go to a OBGN to get a prescription (nor the pill you usually take) and your brand may not be available. Sanitary items may be difficult to get depending on the country or area you are travelling to

- some medications do not travel well (heat, humidity are a risk factor for their efficiency)

- some medications are not allowed to be imported in some countries

- pain medication (morphine based or heavy pain meds) needs to be certified by your doctor and declared at the customs of your destination country (please CHECK BEFORE LEAVING!)

- if you are prone to allergies, DO TAKE YOUR OWN MEDS with you

- make sure you got your vaccines updated (at least your tetanus shot!)

- a check with your dentist will give you peace of mind (in most countries, dentist costs are way above the ones you have back home and will have to be paid cash upfront)

- keep a copy of your passport and travel documents somewhere safe and available. I know you will tell me you go paperless, well I've seen many tourists stranded because they had a phone issue and couldn't access anything anymore.

- always take the details number of your local embassy with you, in case you need to contact them. Do NOT rely on the internet to function. In case of emergencies, our brain tends to freeze and be less reliable....

- if you are staying a longer period of time, make sure you register with your embassy onsite so they know where to find you, in case of a local problem or political issue

- prepare and take a first emergency pharmacy with you

- don't forget tissues, some countries don't have them

- find information beforehand on local dangerous and poisonous wildlife (don't forget mosquito repellent)

- if you plan to drive, take an international driver's license and make copies of your passport (remember they will take a certain amount of $ on your credit for liability and you may max out your credit card limit)

- should you plan to do any heavy sports or outside activities, such as hiking, you may want to have an insurance who will fly you back home, should something happen to you.

Remember, the local hospitals and health facilities will love to keep you as long as they can as you will have to pay your costs CASH.

And I know we all like the freedom of travel and holiday spirit, but as a woman travelling alone I can only advise you to check the local rules on clothing and behavior, religious regulations and political possible issues. You do not want to be stranded in a foreign country, facing some legal issues because you did not respect their laws or rules.

I always used to write down the local emergency number of police and hospitals of the country I was travelling too. My rule: better safe than sorry.

Remember foreign women are very attracting to some local boys and men, your jewelry and status are a bit turn on. Never underestimate the situation they are living in, and the means they would adopt to change their lives. Just be warned:)

If you are considering travelling to Europe, you'll find a list of the "safest" countries for solo female traveler, according to the Insidermonkey report.

Wishing you safe but wonderful summer :)

Take care.

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