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How to build resilience and transform yourself - one day at the time

One thing is sure we need to find inner stability after these shaky months, well years almost. There is no normality as we knew it, we thought it would not last, go away quickly. First it really was just a "Chinese flu", like we've heard it before and then it hit us all, hard. Real hard.

We lost loved ones, we lost friends, jobs and even homes. We had to turn our lives upside down, in the blink of an eye. Amazingly, the resilience factor kicked in. Start-ups have been flourishing, entrepreneurship is booming. But women paid a huge price, all over the world.

Women that had to either stop their full time job to take care of household and children, turning into home-teacher and care-giver, or choosing to reduce their hours work are actually putting their retirement pension at risk, in the long term. So to resume, disadvantaged now and later down the line.

Across the world women have stepped up to take the leads and did not lay down to rest but took action. These are warriors! One day at the time. But this is a marathon for all of us and we need to make sure we do take care of ourselves. Both physically and mentally.

Physically it means adopting a healthier lifestyle, eating proper food at regular time, adopting a schedule (helps keep us focus and stable), trying to do some exercise. Cleaning your home is exercising but there are some softer ways to actually also enjoy this time with yourself:) And it is not a question of age, build or shape.

Check out this specially selected yoga video for women over 40, making sure you're not hurting yourself (Yoga safety and alignment). A healthy start in the day for every woman!

If you have a larger build, try yoga with Helen Camisa, (Yoga for Plus Size with Helen Camisa: A Gentle Seated Practice).

A truly inspiring woman, Jessamyn Stanley, who overcame yoga bias (only millennial white, affluent, educated, skinny girls are to be yoga teacher) and who is now a Yogi, is demonstrating that every women deserves a happy spot to live in.

There is no limit to what you can do or who you want to be! You are setting your own limitations.

"What yoga helps me with is understanding that the world we live in is not about who you're in love with or what job you have. All of those things are going to change because you are constantly changing. There's always a truth and understanding that what's bigger than the self is what's within the self." - Jessamyn Stanley

Find out more about her story and how she is now being featured in a new short film called "Unbelievers". If you want to get inspired by her yoga session, this is a link, it's a mind opener for any kill joy !

So ladies, pick yourselves up and show the world how great you are! And this is the perfect song for you...."Don't stop me now"... cause I'm having a good time....

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