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How peak ascensions rhymes with emancipation for Dawa Yangzum

Sexism really doesn't know any frontier, whether on land or in the sky. Well that would not stop Dawa Yangzum to become at 28y.o. a certified professional mountaineer and the 1st Nepalese Women IFMGA mountain guide, the highest competency in the world of alpinism.

Around the world, 6'000 people own this certification and Nepal only had 50 out of them. That was until December 2018. Then Dawa Yangzum got her entry pass for this very closed and selected club of people who have reached this very difficult certification.

She started guiding people at the age of 17y.o. In 2012, she was selected to guide a National Geographic expedition of the Everest. As she returned, she decided to become a certified guide. Check some of her inspiring videos on Outside Online here.

Dawa Yangzum Professional Mountaineer, IFMGA Mountain Guide

She hopes to inspire other young girls to dream and realize their dreams, even though there are mainly men in this career and environment. In Nepal, women do not have access to citizenship, they don't go to school and they can very easily be expelled from home by their husband. Suicide is the first cause of death among Nepalese women.

During an expedition, women will be expected to spend nights under tents with other participants, including men.

If they get their menstruations they will be considered as impure.

As an expedition can last up to 2 months, this is not acceptable for a woman to leave her home for so long.

It's a fight against themselves and against society to choose such a path. In short, ascension rhymes with emancipation.

A hard won fight.

Other women Sherpa, such as Doma Pinasa, reached the top of the Everest in 208. She was the first women Sherpa journalist to succeed. There is also Lakpa Dendi Sherpa, running an expedition on the Everest in 2018. She is the "recordwoman" in the number of climbing of the top of the world peaks. In 2014, there was also the Seven Summits Women Team, on top of the Kilimanjaro. This group of women from Nepal became the first female group in the world to climb the highest peak in each continent.

Remember, each one of you can become anything you want if you set you mind on it, if you put all your energy in this pursuit.

It will require will, want and commitment, but your reward will be entirely yours.

As someone said, the only way is UP!

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