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Happy International Girls Day !

Today, October 11th, 2021, we celebrate all girls around the world, praise and encourage their young souls and their beautiful mind.

We need to support their hopes and dreams, allow them to express their anger and fears, show them where the dangers lie, how to reach out for help, where to go for information, encourage their ideas (no matter how different they may be from yours), be amazed by their thoughts, open doors for them, help them understand the world as it is now, not how it was then.

Give them tools and way to handle themselves, to protects themselves, teach them the ground rules of self-care (even if they all know everything).

Even if the times are tough, and so much more challenging than the one we faces decades ago, there are more women supporting and empowering women out there. The networks are being created to make the steps a little less steep, to find useful information, to access knowledge and mentors. (

Women understand "no woman is an island". We all had at least one woman who reached out to us, when we didn't ask, when we thought we didn't want any advice, but the things she said may have changed your way of thinking, and this you'll only remember it decades after, and then, only then, they will make sense.

Do you feel like being that valuable person in someone else's life and share your experiences and knowledge ? Here is a link :

Be that woman, don't expect anything in return, give because you can, and experience true gratitude.

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