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Just be yourself - and live fully

Becoming you again to reach your full potential

Sounds easy to you? How much do you know about yourself, really? I believe we are all unique, in shape and forms, in hopes and dreams. How very special are you?

After series of posts and articles on "how to become better" and "improve yourself", I choose to ask women to be - just - themselves, or to become themselves again.

For decades now, women are confronted to stories and images of women surpassing themselves, on the quest of perfection, at all levels and it leaves them rushing into a different self. Why be someone else?

You are unique and so should your life be.

Just be yourself is an initiative created by a woman, which purpose is to enable women to reconnect with themselves and enabling them to live their live to their full potential

From little princesses in a tutu dress, to prom queens, to mothers, warriors and healers, women are chameleons, ever adapting or modifying themselves to suit their environment

As a result they tend to forget who they are, what they stand for, what their dreams and projects were, they loose their self-confidence and disappear behind someone else's life

Each woman is unique and it is time she becomes herself again, loves herself and frees her mind from any external pressures to express herself.

Just be yourself will reconnect you with yourself, through short videos, self-development exercises, informative and educational content via blogs, articles and e-mail newsletters Throughout the weeks the themes and topics are gathered around the world, such as health (mental and physical), ongoing education for women, business stories and successes, community initiatives, stories about inspiring women who beat the odds and fight gender stereotypes, podcasts and books recommendation and, to finish always on positive notes, an uplifting element.

This Empowering Brain Food blog is created by women and dedicated to women, but it does also feed on your inputs, on your ideas. The concept - and the dream - is to create a platform and community of empowering exchanges for women across the world.

We will be stronger together, no woman is an island... So feel free to share your thoughts and tell me what you need and want to see here in this blog.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

If you want to see how your life can change when you know yourself better, if you reconnect with your core values, then we let's meet here regularly.

I'm committed to bring news and content to you that you may not look for, an eye opener, a look behind the curtains of some amazing women's life and dream. And above all I want to bring solutions and ideas.

The content will evolve, with your inputs, because life is movement, and just as we breath in and out, this Empowering Brain Food blog will evolve and hopefully inspire women.

So, from zero to hero, let's start your journey to transformation.

This is a good date to start to be yourself.

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