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Songs That Make (me) REALLY Happy

Start your own mood library and hit play

They are uplifting, empowering and give me the energy to start the day in the best possible way. I will share two songs every week, and you'll see, I have very eclectic taste...

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”– Kahlil Gibran

If you set your mind on this transformation, nothing (and no one) can stop you. Don't be afraid, you have the power in you to overcome the worse and aim for the best. Have faith in you and who you are. And keep in mind:

You're not alone in all this
You're not alone, I promise
Standing together we can do anything - Sia

From her new song "Courage to change", my all favorite for now, and so appropriate.

Like a comfort zone, have your own musical safe zone

No matter what your taste in music are, I believe in immersing oneself in music. Everyone can decide what and when to listen to music, so why not create a series of playlist according to the mood and the needs?

And I'm not talking about the heartbreaking "breakup songs"... Consider these playlists as your vitamins, or food supplements. Positive moments.

Energize your day and don't stop dancing, this one is bound to set you seriously happy. Shake it off!

If you need some thing to start with, watch this, Marina will show you how to do this (a 3 min Marina's Dance Workout with my mom!/ Apartment Friendly/ No Jumping/ For Beginners/ StayHome). No more excuses... (I will soon share some other dance and fitness links and info on amazing classes which will make you feel great).

Let's see which one you like and takes you to new happy places. Drop me a line, I'll organize a top 10 of songs (fully anonymous...) and will post it here soon. Remember, this is an active blog, so be a contributor and share your world.

Want to know more about personal safe zone? Where to take your mind to rest? Check out my video here on the Mind Myself Empowering YouTube Studio. And if you have any question, send me a mail.

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