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Our Team

We’re so much more than a bunch of female professional experts. 

From business consultants, professional organizers, doctor in Ayurveda, naturopath, massage therapist, yoga instructors, career counsellor, healers, life coaches, change management consultant,  personal brand consultant, to business advisors and teachers.


All these professionals are women, from around the world, speaking different languages, with different cultural and religious backgrounds, but all sharing a common goal, to help other women to acquire confidence and strength.

We’re a family of like-minded people, using our passion and our skills to make a difference. 

All of us share the same commitment, to facilitate access to wellbeing and consciousness for women. At a mental and physical level. We believe a strong mind has more willpower and will be more resilient in today's challenges.


A woman needs strong foundations to be able to envisage a different life.

And should there be special needs or requests that we do not present here on this website, we have a set of on-demand resources ready to jump it and help if their skills are required. With the same enthusiasm.

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