Yale University (USA) elects Bayan Galal, the first Muslim (and female) student body president in school's 320 year history. 

For the first time in the school’s history, Yale University will have a Muslim Student Body President. Bayan Galal of the class of 2023 ran for Yale College Council President. She is a Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology, and Global Affairs double major on the pre-med track.

She received more than 56 percent of the votes.

Bayan is the sister of Channel 3’s reporter Ayah Galal.


Ellie Goldstein is a model with a mission. The 18-year-old is a face of Gucci’s Unconventional Beauty campaign - making her the first model with Down syndrome to pose for the luxury brand.

The Unconventional Beauty campaign was an initiative launched by Gucci Beauty and Photo Vogue Festival on Instagram earlier this year. Goldstein was one of several models selected to be featured in a digital editorial shoot for Gucci Beauty and Vogue Italia, in which she modeled the new Gucci L’Obscur Mascara.


Good Energy has appointed a group of young people to sit on an advisory board with no adults allowed. 

In a bid to harness the passion of youth, renewable energy company Good Energy launched a search for six young people to join its first ever Good Future Board. Its aim is to get fresh ideas on how to build a sustainable future, from the generation who will be living in it.

Made up entirely of 12-17-year-olds, the Good Future Board will have the opportunity to review and feed into how Good Energy operates. Importantly, they will also get to tell the adults when they believe they’re wrong. Some of these young activist are Mari Copeny in Flint, Michigan, Greta Thunberg, Sweden, Mahnoor Kamran, Pakistan and Shaina Shah.



Kosovo MPs elect lawyer Vjosa Osmani as president
The 38-year-old reformist and lawyer Vjosa Osmani was approved as president by the country's parliament in Pristina on Sunday. 

Osmani started her carrier as a teenage activist. She studied law in Pristina and then completed her master's and bachelor's degrees at the US University of Pittsburgh.

Osmani is also seen as a role model for women in the mostly patriarchal Balkan country.

“All young girls who may be watching us at this moment should always remember the following: Girls have their place wherever they want to be, wherever they dream of being, wherever they work hard to be. Everything is possible and all your dreams can come true" she said after been sworn president.

Rachel Levine becomes first openly transgender official to win US Senate confirmation
Transgender-rights activists have hailed Levine’s appointment as a historic breakthrough. Few trans people have ever held high-level offices at the federal or state level.


Deb Haaland becomes the first Native American Cabinet secretary in U.S. history
Her confirmation is as symbolic as it is historic. For much of its history, the Interior Department was used as a tool of oppression against America's Indigenous peoples. In addition to managing the country's public lands, endangered species and natural resources, the department is also responsible for the government-to-government relations between the U.S. and Native American tribes.

“Wearing it in this day and age is an act of self empowerment and reclamation of who we are and that gives us the opportunity to proudly make bold statements in front of others who sometimes refuse to see us. It allows us to be our authentic selves unapologetically.”


Opening of a transgender Islamic school in Pakistan

The madrasa is an important milestone for the LGBTQ community in the overwhelmingly fundamental Muslim country, where transgender people face ostracism, even though there is no official restriction on them attending religious schools or praying at mosques.


More women should consider a career in economics

Janet Yellen, the United States treasury secretary and International Monetary Fund chief, Kristalina Georgieva, both said that for change to occur on a macro level, women must have a seat at the table where economic decisions are made.


Dr Okonjo-Iweala, the first woman and the first African to be chosen as WTO Director-General

She is setting the bar really high and is very determined.

Dr Okonjo-Iweala, is ready for battle. "I’m a fighter; I’m very focused on what I’m doing, and relentless in what I want to achieve, almost to a fault. If you get in my way you get kicked.”

Godspeed Dr Okonjo-Iweala, we believe in your energy and determination!


The Women's Prize for Fiction 2021 longlist has been revealed

This year's longlist of 16 books aims to celebrate diversity among women writers, as well as the historical societal journey of female liberation and the tumultuous relationships they face with those in life, with some of the up-and-coming best books of 2021 being featured - all of which have never been poignant for women in today's society.​


The art exhibition empowering women in Afghanistan to fight for their rights

The Superwomen exhibition, created by photographer and artist Rada Akbar, honors eight trailblazing women in Afghanistan and the region – among them an ancient queen and a 10th-century poet – at a fearful time for Afghan women.

Each of the displays in the Superwomen show tells the story of a pioneer, and each features traditional Afghan artwork by female jewelry makers, embroiderers and calligraphers.


MSF : Practicing self-care empowers women to manage their own health


Self-care is changing the face of healthcare. It focuses on equipping and entrusting people to take a central role in their own health. For women, this can involve an important shift to being able to make decisions about their own care, when they may not have had this autonomy before.